October Updates

October 4th, 2023 in Broker Broadcast

2024 Product Portfolio Updates

Q4 Reminders

Digital ID card and paperless preference options to launch this month. Beginning in October, UnitedHealthcare will introduce digital medical ID cards to plan subscribers who have elected “paperless” in their account preference settings. Subscribers who have elected to go paperless for “required communications” will receive an email between Oct. 4 and Oct. 31 containing information about their new digital medical ID card, how to access and change their medical ID card paperless preference and how to add their medical ID card to their Apple or Google wallet.

BCBS Claims Data – Request HB2015 for all of your BCBS TX groups with 10+ enrolled employees

UHC Broker Bonus extended to include effective dates through Jan. 31, 2024

1/1/24 Plan Grids