Discount RX Card

Prescription Drug Card
Fight rising prescription drug costs with The Insurance Exchange Discount RX Card. When you present this card to your pharmacist, their computer system will automatically compare our discounted rate to the pharmacy’s retail price. You will pay the lower of the two prices directly to the pharmacy at the point of sale.

Even if you have insurance already, this card might lower the drug cost below your copay.  In addition, if you have an HSA or deductible/coinsurance pharmacy benefit, you still might end up paying less.

Our discount card is not insurance and is not designed to take the place of insurance. If you need individual coverage ,we invite you to visit our Individual Insurance Section. We also offer a non insurance product called Healthiest You which, for a low monthly rate, can put you in touch with a real doctor who can provide diagnosis, answer questions, and even write prescriptions.

Download the free Insurance Exchange Discount RX Card