New Extensions

August 15th, 2016 in Agent Broker Broadcast

We have new extensions!  The last four digits our our direct lines are now our extensions.  See below for an updated extension list:

Sarabeth Wynne  x 2601
Kelly Brewer  x 2604
Tisha Chew  x 2605
Violet Salinas  x 2606
Lisa Hernandez  x 2607
John Bievenour  x 2608
Kathleen Bievenour  x 2609
JP Bievenour  x 2610
Stacey Priddy  x 2611
Scott Hughes  x 2613
Tara Cagle  x 2615
Michelle Acevedo  x 2616
Mike Dressel  x 2617
Jayme Sims  x 2618
Amanda Wooldridge  x 2619
Kevin Balkin  x 2620
Joe Sherman  x 2621
Shanna Shuck  x 2622
Paula Johnson  x 2623